The inspiration for GWOLF comes from the characteristic of a wolf. The wolf is a symbol of guardianship, instinct, loyalty, and spirit. The wolf represent strong connection with instincts and intuition, high intelligence and communication qualities we all should aspire to.


Everything in a wolf’s nature tells it to belong to something greater than itself: a pack. They succeed by cooperating, and they struggle when they’re alone. Like us, wolves need one another. So that is the inspiration for us to create GWOLF – a community driven meme token that aim to build a strong, caring, and cooperative community of holders. In addition, it rewards holders with BUSD, which is automatically credited to your wallet for each transaction. Therefore, holding will bring you more benefits.

Let’s become higher, faster, and stronger together. Let’s act like a wolf pack.


GWOLF does not give zero tax, which means it is not attractive for paper hands, which is great. It provides a unique and very safe way to invest. You only need to hold GWOLF for a long-term period to get BUSD rewards, which is awesome. We will combine the MEME trend with realistic token economics, which is something more than you can ever imagine.

GWOLF is very giving and is designed to reward long-term holders. For us, community is extremely significant.


When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. So GWOLF is on a mission to find strong holders that will care for each other and act just like a pack of wolves. It’s built on the Binance smart chain and will give you the best experience that you can ever have in the crypto world. Simply join the pack, enjoy the ride, watch your GWOLF value grow, and earn money.



Reflection to members

Just hold GWOLF and earn passive income through holders rewards. Sit back and watch your earnings automatically. 4% reward automatic in BUSD.

Community driven

Community Driven

The GWOLF contract have been renounced. This means that the contract cannot be changed and no-one can take it away from the community. Check out our contract

Liquidity Locked

Liquidity Locked

GWOLF has locked liquidity to give you the ease of mind. Presale liquidity is locked with Pancakeswap for a year 

Long Term

GWOLF has locked liquidity to give you the ease of mind. Presale liquidity is locked with Pancakeswap for a year 


Contract Address


Total Supply


Pre Sale

600,000,000 (60%)


400,000,000 (40%)

Total Buy / Sell Tax : 10%

4% Redistribution In BUSD
4% Liquidity Pool
2% Marketing and development

4% Redistributio in BUSD

4% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all GWOLF holders. Hold GWOLF tokens, earn Busd.
Minimum 1,000,000 tokens.

4% Liquidity Pool

4% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. It’s automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).

2% Marketing and Development

GWOLF has locked liquidity to give you the ease of mind. Presale liquidity is locked with Pancakeswap for a year. 


Phase 1

⁃ Design logo 
⁃ Telegram + twitter 
⁃ Website 
⁃ Contract creation 
⁃ Audited 
⁃ White list contest

Phase 2

⁃ Presale on unicrypt 
⁃ Marketing campaign 
⁃ Calls session 
⁃ Listing on pancake swap 
⁃ Reach 1000 holders

Phase 3

⁃ Marketing push 
⁃ Apply for coin market cap and coin gecko listing 
⁃ Reach 1500 holders 

Phase 4

⁃ Way more marketing campaigns 
⁃ Reach 3000 holders 
⁃ Website redesign 
⁃ 10000 telegram members 


Official Email: